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S series adjustable seats

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Hi Rodr. I have the adjustable seats in my plane and can say that they are bloody marvellous. There's four separate positions, with a total of four inches of travel. (100mm) Very easy to adjust, although this cannot be done in-flight. Only on the ground. As far as building them goes, the seats were probably the most enjoyable components to construct. All pre-drilled and the holes aligned absolutely spot on, which is amazing considering the final shape. Height wise, I'm almost six feet tall and there is plenty of head room, and that includes me having a 50mm thick foam pad fitted under the ICP supplied upholstery. (The supplied upholstery is very thin and uncomfortable when used by itself) I fly with the seat in the aft most position, and my (long) legs are almost straight. My partner is a shorty at 5'2", and she can "just" touch the pedals when the seat is in it's forward most position. She could probably do with a back cushion if she actually needed to fly the aircraft. Another point to note is that as the seats are moved forward, they actually rise up by probably an inch. (25mm) Cheers. Perry



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I also have the adjustable seats in my Sav S, and find them great.  I am a short*rse at 5'4" so I have mine full forward and still have a cushion, but most of my passengers have the seat full back. Didn't fit them myself as it's factory built.


You need to have the central Y control stick, of course, and the manual flap lever is right in front of the seat. All good.







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Thanks to both of you I am now more satisfied that this is a good idea!


it was the fact that I built a XL and found that was comfortable so reluctance to change showed its head but I have no choice as the kit is only for adjustable!







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I'm a fraction under 6 ft 2 in old money.  Trying an S with them fitted -  I decided that the clearance would be too small.


So I did not use them.  Hence I have a couple spare if any one wants them.


I had a couple of seat cushions made up to go under the supplied seat cushions.  


Head with headset on clears the top quite nicely.



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