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Issue with FAA Licence Authentication for acceptance by BCAA

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I'm currently applying for a European (EASA) PPL license, on basis of my current (valid) FAA PPL license. In order to verify the validity of my current FAA license, the EASA, and in particular the Belgian member state (BCAA), requests an authentication of the 3rd country (in this case, the FAA).


However, since this summer (July 2018), the BCAA claims not to have sufficient information available through such authentication form or provided info:




This missing information is actually the validity period/date of my PPL license (airplane single engine land), not the date of issue.


I'm fully aware that it's the airmen's own responsibility to keep the issued certificate current (i.e. through bi-annual flight review) and that the FAA usually does not have records of such data, only the issue date of such certification.


However, the  BCAA doesn't accept at this moment the airmen's individual logbook records (in which my CFI has logged and endorsed the flight review) and request that the FAA submit such information, as included as a "licence authentication form" in annex of above pdf.


I'm told that the BCAA is currently checking with the FAA for this issue to be solved, but no resolution yet.


Does anyone else had or has this problem? What would the next steps be?


Would there be a possibility to have a statement from the FAA, after providing the FAA evidence of my logbook data with the latest flight review, indicating the my license is currently valid (until the renewal date)?


Is the request form on the FAA website the way to go?




Thanks for any support, as I'm really new on this forum as well.



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