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Site speed - any difference poll?

Has the server change impacted site speed for you  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Has the server change impacted site speed for you

    • A lot faster
    • A little faster
    • No difference
    • A little slower
    • A lot slower

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Hi, as you may know by now we have moved the site to a new server and I would like to get your feedback on whether you have noticed any difference so please vote in the poll to let me know...thanks



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I have not noticed any difference but then it may be that it is my connection that is the limiting factor. That said I get on average 12 Mbps on ADSL2, not NBN.



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Yes, I've noticed the site is a little faster since the changeover. I'm using my desktop with an i7 Intel 3.4GHz CPU, on pretty new NBN (FTTC), about 5kms out of Perth CBD.


I just did a quick test of Internet speed at 22:25hrs WST and I'm getting 35 Mbps download speed and 12 Mbps upload speed, from a Sydney server.



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That's actually good news that there has been no negative impact on speed by changing servers. The reason I say this is that we were using a very efficient software platform Xenforo and moved to a more resource intensive solution of IPS. Next we moved from a local Australian server based in Sydney to a server based in Los Angeles USA which would mean a big impact in speed due to latency i.e. the time it takes for the data to go from the US to Australia. The US server has higher spec's than the Aussie server and for only a little more costs so the higher spec's has been enough to overcome the latency which is good. The other good thing is that this was a strategic decision as well...having the server in the US allows the site to be more appealing in terms of speed for Google and all the potential new international users.


So overall it has worked...if necessary I could look at doubling up the SSD drives into RAID 0 as forum sites performance comes from, and in order of, Disk Drives then Ram, then Processor Cores/Threads and lastly Processor frequency (speed). Database solutions need to get the data off the disk as fast as possible and then hold as much as possible in ram. This data and PHP functions need as many processor cores/threads to process the data that is given to it.


The spec's of the new server are currently [LA] Intel E-2176G, 16GB DDR4 ECC, 500GB NVMe S 970, 1gbps port, 30TB out, IPMI, /29


Note the 500GB NVMe S 970 is the Samsung SSD and are the new types and the same as the 2 I have in my local PC set in RAID 0 for development...they are the best Drives you can get.


Thank you all this that voted in the poll as information like this really helps me to do a better job for you all



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My download speed is 1.3 Mbps from a Sydney server and 0,2 Mbps upload which probably explains no noticeable difference.  We're about 40 km from Perth CBD.


What's this NBN thing I've heard about?



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its still slow when you read the next page on a thread then when you go back its just as before SLOW .


Its the slowest forum I belong too .


Also when you hit the read latest button it goes to the first post then to the last unread why ??


Bernie .



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