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Do you have the site options you want  

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  1. 1. Do you have the site options you want

    • I want more options in how I use the site (please post them)
    • I think the site has all the different options that I need

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Hi All, well it has been some time now using the new software platform of IPS after moving from Xenforo and everything I think is starting to come together and settled. The 3 months I gave it is up so I want to hear if you are still happy with the site software now. The next 6 months was planned to be the development of everything for the site followed by the final solution to my dream for the long lasting future of this great resource.


So please vote in the poll and post anything here that you would like to say about the site and thanks always for your comments on how I can do things better



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 Don't know whether it's my computer but when I edit sometimes it "eats up' the letter s ahead and I have to space it out and  then tediously  FIT in the new parts . Nev



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I cant vote as some of the questions don't relate to how I use this forum .


AND if I don't tick one of the box's I done get a vote anyway .





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Facthunter - The answer to your problem of your computer "eating up" the letters ahead of where you're typing, lies in the "insert" button. 


Sometimes, one accidentally hits the "insert" button when editing, this inserts the letter you type, but deletes the next letter. Hit the "insert" button again, and this toggles off the feature.



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Ian, if there is one thing I would like that was on the old site, and is now on What's Up, is the views count on topics. It is often difficult to know if anyone has read a topic, especially when no replies have been posted.



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