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Australian STOL Championships - April 14 - Tyabb

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This coming April Sunday 14th the Peninsula Aero Club in partnership with Paul Bennet Airshows, will be hosting the Australian Short Take-off and Landing Competition at Tyabb Vic.


There will be plenty to do and see at the event, including simulators to fly, a large collection of vintage and warbirds on display and new things to learn. 


Onsite camping facilities with showers and meals, BBQ's and music in the evenings.


If we get more than 6 of type of aircraft we will open a specific class. We already have a Foxbat class and others are forming groups of Husky, Carbon Cubs, Storch, Savannah and even RV's and Cessna of all categories. Just about any aircraft will be eligible to enter, some conditions on pilot qualifications will be required.


Full details on the website 


Entries and tickets are available now online, don't miss out and register now.









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