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I am a college student currently spending a year in Indonesia learning the secrets of bush flying from some local pilots. While I am here I have been tasked with rebuilding a Lockwood Super Drifter equipped with the Rotax 912 engine. My employer has bought some of the required parts, but a lot are still missing. I need to create a list of parts to order from the States, but I don't have a complete parts list.


I was able to find the manual for the Maxair XP-503 and MU-532, but this PDF is missing the a few pages in the beginning, specifically the parts list.


I called Lockwood and they were able to supply me with the Rotax 912 Installation Manual, but were unable to supply a parts list.


Does any one have a parts list or a better build manual for the Lockwood Super Drifter?




912 Engine installation.pdf



912 Engine installation.pdf

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