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Sounds like no one here is into power chutes at the moment.


Just in case another newbie is looking here I did my conversion with Stephen Conte Aerochute industries in Werribee.


For me it was expensive , flights accommodation  instruction tranfers etc but there is a very limited number of options in Australia 


However the professional training and genuine interest in ones learning was worth it.


I have placed an order for a Hummerchute and look forward to my new aviation adventure.





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I had a long hard look at this recently. There are some PPC instructors working between Canberra and Goulburn. I can't personally recommend any of them but I'd have no hesitation in taking the time to visit with all of them. Accomodation will always be the sticking point while training. Weather comes a close second but a lot of the theory just needs somewhere quiet out of the wind



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