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Any old Foxbat bits?

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G'Day All,


Had a little drama last week, effin great storm came through Taree (you may have heard of the local rowing club losing it's roof), which also hit the airport.




Wind got to around 64kts, which was just too much for my hangar doors, and bits of the roof and gutter.



Had two Foxbats in the hangar, one complete, one getting some maintenance.


Both insured,but need to look around to see what parts I can get hold of, basically anything














Fuselage shell.




So, just putting the feelers out there...



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Hi Sorry for your mishap. I have a damage Foxbat I am rebuilding. Complete written off. Replaced firewall, engine mount,floor etc. Replaced front and both rear suspensions completely.

Now working on wings. Will make forms for the damaged ribs and manufacture the rear trailing edge. If I can be of help please ask. The cost of new parts very expensive. Quote for one wing $14k .can be repaired for less than $2k

plus time.PM me if you like.


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Yeah, managed to rebuild one of the Foxbats in my hangar, will take a little longer to rebuild the second.

Was looking at a white write-off up in Queensland for bits (need a R/H strut), but someone beat me to it.

Have a lot of projects running at the moment, so the second 'Bat is a bit of 'back-burner'.

OK, for some reason I can't attach images?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Is the strut all you need?

I cant attach images also

G'Day Richard, haven't been in the forums for a while and missed your response.

From what I can see, the only thing I can't fabricate is the strut.


What do you have?

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