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Uses for dinged aircraft

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Facthunter, the flutes were removed on this machine, because it was found they interfered with smooth airflow at speeds over 120kts.


I notice no-one has commented on the amazingly compact powerplant. Those cunning Vauxhall engineers obviously shrank the Bedford truck engine down to a size where it wasn't much bigger than a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine - but it obviously still produced more than adequate power. :classic_cool:

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Downunder, I reckon that's the Russian copy, produced from stolen Vauxhall-Bedford plans. But it's well known that the Rooskies also stole a pile of Vauxhall Viva plans at the same time, and there was considerable confusion over what part fitted where, once they got back to Moscow. :cheezy grin:

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