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Moonie airfield queensland

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No worries mate, anytime.


There isn't any 'public' type ALA at Cecil Plains, but plenty of Ag strips and property strips around the district.


That looks like a Hornet in your profile photo? You obviously do a bit of bush flying?



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Never landed there Relfy, but have flown over it on occasions. They are usually fairly long, probably for the RFDS to use.



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Hi I realise this thread is old but have just read it for the first time.


Meandarra is a good strip and have landed and taken off from there (as a passenger) in a Aerocomander Shrike, and they need a bit length for takeoff.


Then after learning to fly myself have landed a Jabiru j230 there a couple of times. Once in a howling cross wind. The centre of the strip has a shallow gully through it that the council needed to pave to make it an all weather strip. I used it as a fly in fly out padre.



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