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Aussie UFO sighting in rare audio

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I have little doubt that many people sight UFO's and do not report them to anyone outside their family or group of friends. I personally doubt these sightings are of alien craft, I believe they are almost certainly secret military projects.


I wasn't aware of this particular UFO report, below, until earlier this year. It happened at Yerecoin in 1967, and the bloke involved was a no-nonsense type of bloke, who previously believed that anyone who reported sighting a "UFO", was a crackpot.


What is unusual with this event, is it is a report where the person involved was almost able to touch the craft. It approached so closely to his Landrover in a paddock, that he had trouble getting the Landrover door open.


Yerecoin UFO - 1967


I have a business associate who also encountered a similar sighting near Wickepin in the early 1970's. He was an agricultural contractor, and also a no-nonsense, highly skeptical type of bloke.


He was driving along a gravel road in farming country in late afternoon, when he sighted this "grey-coloured, cylindrical" UFO sitting in the paddock about 300 metres away.


Curious, he stopped his ute, got out, climbed over the fence and started to walk towards it to inspect it. As he approached it, it suddenly took off, straight up into the sky, and vanished at enormous speed.


It was broad daylight, a fine day, this bloke never touched alcohol, and he wasn't a "BS artist". He told a couple of locals about the episode, they laughed at him and asked silly questions such as "what were you on, that day?" - so he refused to talk about the sighting ever again. He never reported the sighting to any authorities, and this is probably typical, of a lot of taciturn country people.


In the late 1970's and early 1980's there was a rash of UFO sightings in the SE Wheatbelt of W.A. At least 2 of my employees had exceptionally frightening close encounters with "UFO's".


I can assure you they all saw something that was unexplainable in everyday terms, which caused them great fearfulness.


In one of the cases, there were two witnesses to the event, which happened at night in a paddock and which event caused electrical disturbance so severe, it caused their Hilux to stop dead, and affected the lighting on the vehicle (switched the lights on and off with no human intervention).



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What is stunning to me about this report is the photo of Westall high School with no trees.


I had forgotten what the landscape looked like at that time; we started ring barking trees in Australia in the 19th Century and couldn't stop ourselves; we killed about 17 billion trees according to the late Tom Uren. 


Schools and businesses planted shrubs, or small English trees, and the Westall photo is typical of what you'd see in the mid 1960s - looks like a desert to us today but that was the norm.


The General Motors dining room had a stage, with murals each side of it depicting cities of the future, oddly with roads running around the buildings and so steep that an FJ Holden could never have climbed them, but they were consistent with the era - not a single tree in the cities.


I agree with what you said about the flying saucer reports; the Westall sighting is well documented in a much calmer way elsewhere (I've forgotten the document), and was one of quite a lot of mass sightings.


I hadn't read about the local aircraft, but the report of one aircraft watching it, then joined by more and more is quite logical to me because Westall high School is in view as you fly downwind  for what was then a single Runway 17, so everyone on downwind would have heard the radio chatter and flown on a bit further for a look. The Tower Controllers couldn't have missed seeing what was going on, and would have been p!ssed off, telling them all to get back into line.


In the photo below, Moorabbin airport is in the bottom left corner and Westall High School is in the top right.


The weather balloon story was also famously used at the site of the 1947 Roswell crash with the US Airforce, with dozens of Defence vehicles and soldiers dispersed around the site. The only problem was, someone took a photo of the wreckage, and someone else compared it with a weather balloon, and there is no comparison.


Ranchers reported the cleanup of the site went on for days with a military cordon several miles diameter, and semis hauled the wreckage, under tarps out. In one book the author interviewed hundreds of people and was able to trace the truck movements to a USAF base in the east of the US.


Many people ave speculated what crashed at Roswell, some suggesting the story was a cover up of a secret military aircraft, others with the alien story with local eyewitnesses reporting the one metre tall bodies.


One book I read listed the previously unknown "inventions" which rapidly emerged from reverse engineering the spacecraft; kevlar from the skin construction, fibre optics, teflon  etc.


We have a lot to condemn Orson Welles for.







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