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Facthunter (Nev) is not on line at the moment, as a believe he may have ducked down to the bottle shop to get something to celebrate with?026_cheers.gif.81d5a1f54877d0def58a291fdd662a48.gif


If he gets back before drinking the contents, he should tick over the 20,000 post's mark this evening, which currently stands at 19,995.


What an achievment! 012_thumb_up.gif.83e1b5422694a022eec36e1e8343f687.gif and may it continue for many moons to come..


I for one, would like to pass on my sincere thanks to you Nev for all the knowledgable tips and wise contributions that you've posted over the years, which help us be a safer community and better pilots.


I can assure you it is very much appreciated.


Good on you mate, your efforts are worthy of some recognition. Well done!


Kind regards





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Thanks Guys . I really hadn't noticed the milestone. (approaching). Flying is not like lifting weights. You have to think more and assess yourself in an honest fashion. . That's not easy.


No alcohol tonight. I'm pretty much getting off it. Better quality, less often. (special occasions) REAL ones... support Tyabb. Getting rid of that facility would be BS and must not happen. Australia was built on aviation.....Cheers and thanks. Nev



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Thanks Nev, I always make a point of reading your posts, always informative , useful advice, obviously based on a tonne of experience and you have a knack for teaching/explaining your point. Go on, write a book, I'd buy it ;)



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Thanks Planey for bringing this to our attention and hi Nev, I have also enjoyed reading your inputs and it's people like you that help make this great forum for what it is and our love for the skies.


Cheers Guy.



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