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I've always wanted a vario for my models. My favourite models are radio-assisted free flight types like the Playboy and the Dixielander.


But I can't get the telemetry beeps to sound out from the transmitter. I can get it to display the altitude and vertical speed, and the sounds ( beeps and voice messages ) are there, so it must be a programming or software fault.


Is there anybody out there who can help? I will try and fly it without the audio, but taking your eyes off the model to look at a screen on the tx seems a bad idea.


To make it even more tantalizing, if I disconnect the power to the rx, I get a voice message saying " telemetry lost" and then every so often the voice says " vertical speed zero"



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This is the special functions page on mine.


Hope this helps. Perhaps you don’t have the volume turned on. It’s been a while since I first did the programming but it wasn’t hard. I have the vario volume on the right slider and can turn it on and off with the SD switch.


There are some really good guides on how to set it up on YouTube which is how I did mine.





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The Q7 programming should be the same. My mate has the X7 and hasn’t had any trouble. Mine is the X9s. I think I actually prefer the more compact shape or the X7.



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Thanks winsor. My taranis is just a bit different from yours, and the sound volume is on the first page of the radio setup ( 9 page menu ).


I don't think that the lack of volume is the problem, it is a slide indicator and is in the middle of the range..


There has been some progress here, I now have the telemetry vario working on a voice audio. Every 2 secs a woman's voice says " 2 ( or whatever) feet per second OR if the switch is on another setting of altitude it says " 2 hundred 35 feet" or whatever.


This has enabled me to actually climb in a thermal for the first time with a Bixler, which is not really a good thermalling model normally.


I still want to have the sound come through as beeps, so I can thermal it like I do in a glider, knowing where the lift begins from where the beeps begin.


On my special functions page, I cycle through the options and the only one which works at all is " Play Val VSpd 2"


which gives me the spoken climb or sink every 2 secs ( i can change the 2 to anything else of course)


Well i have a lot to learn huh. Thanks again



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