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To replace or not to replace , that is the question .


I have an Airborne Edge Outback 582 & although the hours are low , and it's been stored in a hangar , It has sat for years.


It doesn't seem to me that the shock cord is as tight as those who share the hangar ... so


Just replace & be done with it, or retighten & reattach ?


Crimps or cable ties ?


Any suggestions , tips or tricks greatly appreciated .




               Troy Rep.Trike.thumb.png.94a43feca23894020ed4c160b9bc1683.png



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Rubber degrades with age and the effect of sunlight, and the small percentage of ozone in the air. Even if kept in dark conditions, rubber components still slowly degrade, by hardening and losing strength.


5 years is a regularly recommended changeover period for critical rubberised components, you might be able to run them for 10 years, if they're kept in dark, covered conditions. I'd say replace them.



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I've replace one on my Edge X 582.  From Airborne, advised that zip ties are ok.  This is what I did then covered the join in heat shrink.


I spoke to the friendly team at Airborne & they said either cable ties or crimps were fine .


Since I was ordering some parts anyway I got the crimps :-)


It took a while to work out how to lace the bungy , but I have it sorted now .


The previous repair had used two hose clamps ! Seemed to work well though ... but I will stick with approved methods





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How did you go with squeezing the crimps, keeping tension on the bungee etc?


Short version ... cable ties :p


I secured the pivot arm with one , & the end of the bungee with another , then pulled it tight & cable tied it off .


I had already crimped one half so was ok to finish when secured .


Another pair of hands would help greatly doing the remaining three bungees!




            Troy Rep.



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