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A couple of years ago I was given a large supply of aircraft colour slides, unlabelled,  which included the four

below. I have disregarded these until now, but feel they could be included in the aircraft showcase. What I need to know, if you can help, is the make and model of these gliders - I know nothing about gliders. I am guessing the first two photos are the same machine.


2127704353_Glider1EdwinvanApstal.thumb.JPG.5563433be4844a99f23e08d60e0e0d47.JPG  250720567_Glider2EdwinvanApstal.thumb.JPG.ae1945af5d153c3ad5ec06d5a1c739b6.JPG  180127248_Glider3EdwinvanApstal.thumb.JPG.36b65bca0e781c9eccf772ffb406734d.JPG  1868128905_Glider4EdwinvanApstal.thumb.JPG.a51f2c0d102c35f6b2f4c9096a4cbfe8.JPG



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I think the first glider is a french aircraft called a Wassmer Bijave, the second is a Schempp Hirth Janus and the last is a Grob 103 Twin 2.


Yep, here's the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wassmer_WA-30_Bijave


Thanks Mike


i flew the Bocian when instructing at Euroa but that was 40 years ago. It gave an audible sigh when you entered its very gentle spin.



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