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One for James Bond enthusiasts.

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@ Thruster88

I have flown a gyroplane. They look scary from the ground, but the ride is much smoother than a fixed-wing. They have a high tolerance for gusts and turbulence and in an emergency (like an engine failure) they can land safely in spaces a fixed-wing can't. The main danger with gyros - the equivalent of the stall in a fixed-wing - is the 'power push-over' aka 'Pilot-Induced Oscillation' which is largely caused by excessive airspeed. Contemporary designs feature a fixed horizontal stabiliser and lower thrust-lines to alleviate this issue. Their main drawback is thay they're aerodynamically inefficient, compared to a fixed-wing and not the best choice for long-distance travel, unless you're not in a hurry and don't care about fuel burn/cost. Gyros are best suited for recreational aviation - the aerial equivalent of a dirt-bike.


With the video, larger (R/C) gyros appear to fly better than small ones. Maybe scale is a factor?

I'm told that Ken Wallace himself, flew "Little Nellie" for the scenes in the movie.

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I came across a nice description the other day:

"Often wrong, but never unsure"

Would seem to describe the various muppets running various countries?

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