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I am sure that all users get a lot out of the site and there is still a lot more to come in the coming months but as you would have guessed, it does take a huge amount of time (more than a full time job) and money ($250 a month just for the hosting) to keep the site going. Over the years some members have gratefully donated towards some of the site costs by becoming First Class Members for a year and I thank them so much for their continued support.


So like the old site I have created a small box in the side column of many of the site sections where you can click the button and be taken to the Donations and First Class Membership page for anyone that would like to support the site.


Corrine, the kids and I thank you very much for your support



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Yes, an email automatically now goes out 1 week before the end and then they get 3 days grace after that as well



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