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Sqn Ldr Brian Lane - 1917 - 1942

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Thanks for posting that gem, Phil.


From this angle, generations later, perhaps Lane is the lucky one: lucky to have been around at the right time, lucky to have the right connections, education, etc. to be part of that celebrated conflict.


Lucky to be on the winning side. 


Lucky to be immortalised by camera, by a gifted writer.


Which great literature immortalises any of the uncounted millions who did their duty, suffered and died a miserable, forgotten death? Whether the person died in an expensive, exciting warplane or alone in a muddy ditch, each one is worth honouring. And let's not forgot those who survived, went home to rebuild, but carried the damage to their grave.


We are the lucky generation that escaped such horrors, but we all face different, maybe equivalent challenges.


Will history remember any of us?



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Brian Lane also wrote a book called `Spitfire'. Well worth a read if you can find it.




Thanks RGM. . .so much info on this site ¬!  I will look at that one, if it's out of print. I'm sure I can get a dog eared copy from a couple of aviation centric secondhand bookshops at Hay on Wye. . .







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