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Back up GPS suggestions

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Hi All,


We run a Nexus 7 with OzRwys as main nav tool.


Next to that we have an old Magellan 315 which as a backup was excellent as the screen display was simple and easy to see.


Sadly the 315 has lost most of its aviation database and I'm advised by the expert that its no longer recoverable.


Can anyone suggest a used replacement with aviation database?



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Another option Lozzer. You're running RWY on an Anroid Nexus 7 (so am I in the Jab). Buy a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro phone (~ $180). OzRwy allow you to load RWY onto the phone as a backup free. Small screen but usable, especially in my Corby, which has limited panel space. Other benefits are a spare phone & (like another glider pilot on this list who put me onto the J2) you can load XC Soar, which is a great nav / tactical tool for glider pilots. Cheers



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Thanks Guys,


The Aera is a bit of an overkill for our needs Ross.


Yes we run XCSoar on the Nexus too Bill which is very handy.


Really liked the simple and clear display of the old 315 and was mainly looking for something quite similar again.





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