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My first landing French Island.    Happy to have visitors for a cup of tea and scones in the workshop/ hanger once I've sorted. Not yet! Going to get a road grader in to smooth better  and r

I see so many aircraft over the strip. Will post a fly in thread when I'm confident the road grader has it nicely flattened and the Cape Barren geese have settled down to their pair per area. They flo

I’m looking for a ride…. Sydney to Inverell Monday afternoon November 1s 2021. subject to weather. Half fuel and I’ll pay accomodation and food as required. So, I’m probably hiring a car or waiting fo

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Windsock. It’s pretty much a 02 20 runway and fairly good chance it’ll be a 10 to 15kn S to SW. I’m usually in the workshop/ hangar and happy to see pilots visit. I’m currently tiling the 120 sq m hangar floor. It’s my punishment for making 5mpa French island concrete. Okay until you decide to put in a hangar and want to paint the floor…too soft.... only solution is tiles 600x600 ceramic gray tiles..


You’ll want to be sorted as I’ve mentioned by the workshop. There is a 10ft wide area that’s smooth with undulations that timed right will pop you back in the air “surprise!” And you’ll patiently wait to as your aircraft lands a second time or go around. Indemnity… by reading this you accept it’s entirely your responsibility to ensure your safe arrival and departure and my runway could for instance have a big bull hole in it that causes all sorts of difficulties. (Bulls make these to impress the girls) 


I’ve discovered yesterday after many landings the teatree hides the early site picture on 20.  I came in at 55kn and down the teatree line then gentle right turn line up  with a total of about 150m from fence line to aircraft gently pulled up in a few more meters. It’s the bloody teatree and my neighbour wouldn’t take kindly to a chainsaw event. There is of course another 250m to 300m of downhill after the workshop. I’m just pushing my skill set for bush field landings. 

Windsock, finally got that 15kn windsock up yesterday and compared it to Actual. Pretty good. 10-12kn  gusting to 15-18kn  readable on the windsock. Only reason I was comfortable yesterday slightly pushing the limits on approach.


Aircraft pic. Surprised how much baggage one can fit in a Nynja for the Christmas gift run to mainland. Very well seat belt  strapped in and bungeed. Minimal weight in baggage area. Still…. Next year my wife can take more on the boat and I’ll fly with less! 




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Strong easterly had me trying the unprepared paddock. Surprisingly easy. 

The dirt furrow was an ill advised attempt to peel back the grass and form a temporary summer runway. Grass just clumps under the grader blade and eventually stops tractor. I knew this… wishful thinking I’d get it to work. Will disc and grade at some point.


Loads of aircraft fly over. Will have to set an event at some stage

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  Get a very robust slasher and tilt it forwards to level the tufts. Over a period of time the surface will improve. Best it be a bit soft after rain. Stops the dust as well. Nev

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11 minutes ago, facthunter said:

  Get a very robust slasher and tilt it forwards to level the tufts. Over a period of time the surface will improve. Best it be a bit soft after rain. Stops the dust as well. Nev

I have one. Why didn’t I think of that…Even better we have another pilot on the island putting in a runway. I’ve provided my discs to him and he has a good italian mulching mower. You have a good point. I could have borrowed this and not had a bloody great furrow in the way of landing. It’d just knock the tops down amd even fill in a few lows.


March/ April depending on season it’ll be cultivated north south and east west then my mate with the grader promises to make it beautiful.


I now know I can land in the unprepared paddock. Only did that with slight desperation today and I’d phoned Tyabb to confirm alternate of their east west grass was available if I’d needed it. 

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