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Two national flag carriers on the brink of collapse

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While we're on the subject of Marble Bar, this is one little piece of amusing poetry that has always stuck with me.


Victor Courtney was the editor and owner of the Sunday Times in Perth for the largest part of his life, before he sold out to Murdoch in 1955.



The Man from Marble Bar by Victor Courtney.


Satan sat by the fires of Hell,

As from endless time he's sat,

And he sniffed great draughts of the brimstone's smell,

That came as the tongue-flames spat;

Then all at once the Devil looked stern,

For there in the depths of Hell,

Was a fellow whom never a flame could burn,

Or goad to an anguished yell;

So Satan stalked to the lonely scene,

And growled with a stormy brow,

'Now, stranger, tell me what does this mean?

You should be well scorched by now.'

But the chappie replied with a laugh quite new;

'This place is too cold by far!

Just chuck on an extra log or two!


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In the UK, the guvmint is directly injecting cash into the airlines (is my understanding), including BA, which is now a Spanish company... Flybe went broke because they were already in dire straits... Although I fear for a few flying schools, like the virus itself, those that already have underlying issues will probably be the ones to fall; the guvmint is injecting billions into small businesses that are directly impacted by the lockdown..

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