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Hi KG OK. yeah so yours is a Gen 3.5.....


Certainly the move (G4) to the aluminium pots and tightening up the clearances (now having similar Te for both bore and piston) may improve things.


Interesting reading the reports- the hydraulic lifters provoked a lateral  vibration mode in the thru bolts  (they are long) and this was cured with dampers in the middle of the thru bolts. and the 3/8 thru bolts were also changed ot a different Tc as to not change too much when they got hot.- otherwise with the thru bolts going wacky- the crankcases fretted and that was bad  bad bad !


Said vibration mode did not occur to same amplitude with the solid lifters...That's why the hydraulic lifter engines have a bad rap.






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well, so far so good. Except for a bit of " I'd tell you about some gen 4 problems but then I'd have to kill you" stuff i reacon nobody seems to be having problems. Go the 4's.

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Hydraulic lifters often run heavier Valve springs too.  They also mask other problems .Stretched stems or recessing seats. The seats (inserts) can hammer into the aluminium or the seats erode.. To check the range of operation of the lifters you need the oil out of them and bottom the travel and check the play from Rocker to valve stem end. It should be a specified figure when  first assembled and of course if it's got none your valve will not seat properly.. I prefer the manually adjusted ones myself.  Nev

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