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Not to promote Sportys Pilot Shop but these guys seem to have the best deal on flight simulator bundles.


I noted in a different thread that I was interested in flight simulator parts and in particular pedals.


While I was daydreaming about getting some replacement simulator controls I had a look at what Sportys could do for a bundle. After postage and exchange rates the bundle (Sportys reference number B1144A) was $445 USD or about $520 AU. I was particularly interested in this bundle but there are other bundles with more features for about $100 more. Because postage is about the same and nobody in AU is selling pedals or bundles for much less than this. Also ironically I can get stuff faster out of the US of 'Aye than I can from JB Hifi or Harvey Norman


Then I found out there was a guy or girl around the corner selling a whole simulator minus the PC for $1800.


Before Christmas, JB Hifi were selling their Logitech pedals for $250. After Christmas ... $199. This shows it pays to shop around for a few weeks before purchasing. Unfortunately, JB Hifi don't sell yokes. Only joysticks.


Does anyone have any simulator parts they don't want anymore? If so, please reply to this thread or PM me



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I got all the simulator parts I needed, for now. The Saitek yoke is a bit of a disappointment but I have put about 25 hours on it already. I


The simulator does what I need it to do. Its been six weeks since my last IRL flight. Soon, hopefully

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