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I really like the Panther specs. What engine will you be using?

At this stage I haven't decided. There are several options including Corvair, UL Power, Jabiru and Lycoming. A Jabiru 3300 has been used by several builders and has some advantages. A Lycoming would be nice if I could find a good example for the right $$. I was just talking to a builder who used an LS1 conversion, which has got me thinking ... :)

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Is there a record of these used in aircraft?


Plenty, and it's growing. Go to the Facebook page I linked. People are starting to come together with mounts, filters, PSRUs (Mohawk and Trax at the moment) etc. won't be long before single point sales will be happening. As it is now, they are all very friendly and will all direct you to who's got what.


Way, way overdue, real engines at proper prices are on their way.


All the fruit costs around $5K USD, and engines with low hours can be had anywhere between 1 to 3K USD. Likely not many snowmobiles in Australia .... jet skis yes, but more work involved apparently.


Steve Henry uses one, and has done for some time, very well known in the USA, and STOL comp winner at Oshkosh a few times with the Yamaha. He has a turbo on it now, but before when he won the comp, it was a standard 140hp (rev limited) spec. - funnily since fitting the turbo he has only come second!




77kgs, 145 hp - like their motorcycles, the Japanese increase the power or lower the weigh year by year to have new sales claims, but regardless of year, they are all going to be somewhere around those figures.


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