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Literally just landed......well yesterday, got a few questions...Brisbane initially

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I'm a UK pilot just arrived on tour ending up at the GP in Melbourne.

I've been lurking on here on and off for many years as I built a Jabiru in 1999 and enjoyed all the discussions about the engine and aircraft. My profile shows I joined in 2009, time flies.

Always knew I'd get here one day and at last we are here!


I'm in Brisbane and having a sneaky look at the flying opportunities on the RAA website while the wife is sleeping off the time change.


I note that there's quite a few 'Clubs' and other flying organisations.

I'd like to get converted and then rent an aircraft in the areas we loiter while on tour here. The RAA suggests this maybe straightforward? Also found an old discussion on here which said the same.

I'm assuming the clubs that rent aircraft do that for the benefit of their members so I really need to find a commercial organisation so I'm not taking advantage of a club set up.


If anyone is in the know of suitable organisation they would recommend I'd be please to hear from them! Future locations will be Sydney and Melbourne....at least.


Regards, CJ


P.S. am trawling the RAA map and sending E mails but not sure which to target hence request for suggestions...


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g'day Clive - you've arrived in Oz at a very interesting time - remember the poem that mentions "drought, and flooding rain" - it left out bushfires!!! in fact you've turned up just after most of that nastiness, all that green stuff you can see on the ground wasn't here a month ago...


if you like 'country' flying with all the benefits that brings you might want to check out these guys at Boonah (about two hours drive from Brisbane, but a 'nice' drive, not through traffic).


they do have aircraft for hire but the big deal is the scenery and the extremely quiet flying environment. There is also a club based on the airfield (The Flying Tigers) and they have a reputation of being one of the friendliest clubs in Oz. The gliding club based on the airfield makes weekend flying more interesting...


there's some lovely accomodation around Boonah if you're thinking about an overnighter too. I am biased, but imho Boonah is definitely worth a look.


happy flying m8, and welcome to Oz



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The world was watching the terrible fires and feeling for everyone over here. Hopefully it's all winding down now and folk can rebuild, we figured the best thing we could do to help was to come over and spend some money.

Just had a look at Boonah, looks a great target for a fly out if I get sorted so I can rent.

Thanks for the info Boleropilot and Downunder.

Regards, Clive

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Just reporting in after a successful conversion with Mahl at Redcliffe. I arrived at lunchtime on day one and by the end of day 2 I had completed the required exams (Converting Pilot and Human Performance) and got checked out with Mahl on the aircraft and briefed on local procedures etc and did over an hour solo. Mahl fed all this back to the the RAA which I had joined the day before and with an additional licence fee I was the proud owner of an RAA Pilots Certificate.

The key was to have sufficient previous time in an aircraft capable of being in the Recreational aircraft category. I fly an RV9 but also have loads of Jabiru hours so they were the ones used to justify not needing to do the full 5 hours.

Next day I was off with the wife for a great day out, even landed at Dunwich in the trees for a picnic. Alas we had to move on and I've not managed to get after anymore flying but am heading Sydney shortly and will be down Melbourne way after that for the GP. Hoping to find somewhere down there we can rent out a similar aircraft.

Thanks for the suggestions, I too would highly recommend Mahl at Redcliffe, can do sort of guy with good straight forward approach and some nice aircraft.

Regards, Clive

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