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wearing out of oil pressure senders on the jab has been going on for 2 decades - the fix is to shift the sender to the correct location i.e. after the external oil cooler and the oil filter.

yes the pressure reading will be lower but it is the gallery pressure not the pressure spikes straight out of the pump and before the restrictions of the external cooler and hoses that is the more important reading.

I fitted a switch to the original port wired to the idiot light for backup indication, when the original sender packed it in - pic attached.


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The Jab and Bing were developed in the days that we were limited to 5k feet, so it all worked out nicely, thanks very much.  Now we have 10k feet and where you lean a LyCon carb  above 5k,  we never v

Topical 😁

I had problems with the Bing carbie on my Corby with Jab 2200 engine some time ago. I used to be a good mechnic, but years have passed and I have lost a bit of confidenc, so I sent the carbie to jabir

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The Jabiru gauge is just screwed onto the engine block, and it suffers from vibration as a result. But it is not going to cause the engine to die from a burst or leaking hose. And if the engine is running well and the other gauges ( especially oil temp ) are normal, then the gauge is faulty and you continue flying. 

I understand why Jabiru decided to do it this way, just as I understand why the pressure gauge manufacturer wanting a bit of rubber hose between the block and the sender.

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Sorry old k, I tried but don't think it will work properly. I am a subscriber and that is why I get the stuff. So here's a brief summary... 

the topics were: oil cooling; CHT's and their tweaking for lowering and evening, taildraggers and dipstick adjustment;bing carby's , cylinder heads; better exhaust systems.

Most of the stuff has been discussed here, although not the use of the sonerai exhaust setup.

The only problem with the article was that it was specific to the older engines, those with the machined heads like mine and not like the gen 4.

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The manifold as I said above is mounted away from the engine vibration.

If you think that a drop in oil pressure is no problem if the engine is running well and oil temps are OK, you could be in for a shock in a coupe of minutes. A leaking hose to the oil cooler will take some time to drain the oil, but it will drain it and the first indication is most likely a drop in oil pressure, unless you get a visible spray of oil.

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