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On 9/13/2020 at 9:33 PM, RFguy said:

and Grant- not sure what time of day you are flying. first thing in the morning I am rusty but good after 1 or 2 approaches. The flight around noon ish is bumpy and breezy and I experience a high cognitive load flying the aircraft with all the bumps in a nice straight level line, and then I come to base and final and mess it up because I am fatigued- and of course something like being too high on final you fight it to the ground making sure you dont overspeed the flaps (unless you put in some big turns or slip it)


IE low hour pilots - our skills are fragile and easily fatigued by high cognitive load conditions... It's normal. Performance is up and down.

Thanks mate, generally in the morning with the new school, just until I get a feel for the Tecnam, what's normal etc. Have had a couple more lessons in it have gone though all the standard stuff, all the turns, stalls, steep turns 360° getting comfy in it now one more lesson before back into circuits. Am in no way in a rush to solo I reckon another 6 to 10 hours in this aircraft before I am close to ready. Cheers Grant

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I watched his you tube vids over and over again before my check ride for rpl, next day I did some of my best landings ever consistently. The timing of the flare using the width of runway expansion was very useful. I should do again as they are getting untidy again.

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On 14/09/2020 at 8:34 AM, Mike Gearon said:

The property you’re referring to used to have an airstrip. Quite a few properties did. I’d not be putting a plane down there unless no choice. Yes, I’ll post here when runway available and I’ll have to check legal implications. I’ll look around rec flier for info on this. Miss the old days when you just did it. Whatever it was.


Did you win an auction on the weekend?

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