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Nev, many a car or 4WD fuel tank neck opening won't take the bigger Hi-flow nozzle. If they do, the tank venting system won't purge air fast enough. Truck fuel tanks have no such problems.


My son lent me a Merc 230SLK Compressor the other day. As usual it had bugger all fuel left in it. I thought i'd just put in about $30 bucks worth of fuel in it, and it did seem to be a very quick delivery. It obviously couldn't handle the high delivery rate and vented a decent size patch of fuel on the ground which needed washing away. Presumeably that's the reason why.

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Brother used to have a Landcruiser with a long-range tank fitted. The original tank was about 80 litres, I think the long range tank was another 120 litres, making about 200 litres all-up.

He'd pull into a servo to fill up when near empty, and the person waiting behind him would get really toey when it took him about 10 mins to fill her right up! LOL

I've got a 200-series and just had a long range tank fitted. 273 litres of fuel on board. Of course, I got a GVM upgrade at the same time and do you think ARB had the foresight to re-weigh the vehicle for the RTA engineer before they filled the tank? Nooooooo, of course not..... So now I'm stuck trying to drive 2000km to get the weight down enough to get it back on a weighbridge. :bash:


The previous car was a NP300 Navara, also with a long range tank, and I got told off by the servo attendants several times for using the filler cap wedged under the nozzle trigger to hold it open because nowhere seems to have the hold-open clips on the low-flow diesel hoses anymore. :whistling:

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