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Strife at Airservices Australia

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Getting back on topic....sort of.....

The report comes from "Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick"

Elizabeth is a feminist lawyer..... take that as you please.....


On a personal note, I'm all for equality. PURE equality. Not equality by inequality based on percentages, favourtism and bias.

I have happily worked for and with women who have put their male colleagues to shame.....

Many of them prefer the male dominated industries as the "bitchiness" ( their words) doesn't exist.

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I would take most Family LawCourt DV claims with a grain of salt.


From first hand personal experience, absolutely agree with this.


From second hand experience living 15 years in a lower social economic area, i.e. Logan City, and seeing what was bestowed on other males, I absolutely agree with this.


Don't get me wrong, male induced violence certainly higher than female induced, but nothing as high as "95%". Face facts, a woman punches a man, not much is said or done, a man punches a woman and it becomes one of the 95%.

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As a guide, the ATO provides a report for 2016-2017 stating average income for male lawyers is $143, 206 and for females is $106,475.


My Wife walks all over her Male Lawyer counterparts for earnings, she applies herself and works damn hard.

She happens to own the Law Firm as well, that helps, but there's an equal amount of male and female Lawyers in the firm, not planned that way, but that's the way it is. They all have the same rates and commissions offered to them, the males earn more because they work harder and longer hours, more willing to travel, while the female Lawyers go home to their children and other social activities more often. Just facts.


Julia Gillard was the youngest Partner ever in the Law Firm she worked at, and she went on to become Prime Minister, maybe she just applied herself and worked harder/smarter. She has no children by the way, I believe that is a factor.

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One Englishman, a Welshman, A Hungarian, A Polish man, and a WHITE Pakistan man.


... I'm still waiting for the joke ....



"Vud, Vud, Vud" did you expect to hear Bex?


A plane has lost 3 engines and is going down, the Captain comes on the PA and announces they have jettisoned all the luggage and fuel they can, but still overweight and going down, they need 5 volunteers to sacrifice themselves to save all on board.


Immediately the Englishmen gets up and says: Had a good life, time to do the right thing, remember me old Chaps, cheerio ... and jumps out the plane.


The Welshman gets up and says: ... well no one could actually understand him .... and jumps out the plane.


The Hungarian gets up and says: Once we were the greatest, the Empire of Europe ... and jumps out the plane.


The Pakistani gets up and says: Allah will forgive me for saving others and let me into his kingdom, cries "Allahu Akbar!" ... and jumps out the plane.


The Polish man gets up and says: Remember World War 2 .... and throws out a German.

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