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Sharing GPS between Cellular ipad and Wifi Ipad for ozrunways

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Dont think you can do that they would need a second copy of oz or be running internet and doing TXozrunways and looking at the track

Would this use the peer to peer sharing function?


I have done a bit with Android RWY but biting the bullet and getting a cellular ipad, just looking at sharing it onto the older wifi ipad for the passenger.

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I am only guessing but the app's connection is to the comms side on cellular the wifi is only for adding other devices that output data to the app.

I have tried the android version of OZ and I didnt like it at all the ipad is way better. The same with AvPlan..the android is ordinary but the Ipad version is heaps better.

My leaning at the moment is AvPlan as I have subscriptions for both as I wanted to try both. They are very similar but AvPlan just seems to run better and doesnt have so much stuff come up on the maps

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It's not something I've tried but it doesn't look hopefull (I know it's not exactly your question)




I have discovered I can link my Garmin InReach Explorer+ via Bluetooth to a non cellular iPad to run AvPlan and Garmin Earthmate that allows SMS messaging and email all together, with AvPlan.

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