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FS 2020 - anyone?

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On a more serious note:


I've been watching a lot of the videos.......


I am not seeing the ailerons moving when the planes turn.

Yes, one of them I did see the elevators moving, but only a little.


I have watched planes turn, roll and all that stuff. I can't see any aileron movement at all.


It is just me, or what?

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Gutsy man letting us all know you have a 5¼" floppy :rofl:


Anyone who has the Guts to fly the Simpson Desert in a home made airyplane at 1500 Ft behind a Rotax engine definitely has MY vote in the 'GUTSY' stakes. . .Irrespective of his Floppy . . . .


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That looks like the icon.. .I think I would rather just do the real thing looking at the potential cost of that ;-)



My son owns a games developmemt company so he has all sorts of tech goodies. As soon as I can visit again I wiil spend some time on this.

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Its really pretty, but the flight model for the prop singles is not great in some aspects, Landing the taildraggers is way too easy you have to try hard to mess up, you can climb at <Vx with no rudder needed to keep the ball centered and on the take-off roll the slightest crosswind from the right (2-3 knots) will completely overcome the tendency of the included taildraggers to swing left on raising the tail and swing you the opposite way as if the crosswind was 10+ knots..... very unrealistic


Turbulence seems well modelled

Its multiplayer function is awesome

Overall X-Plane has more realistic flight dynamics but MSFS 2020 is a fantastic game and great way of explorinng places you know or have never been to.

Has been great fun when stuck home

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