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Wait 2 years when the GTX2080Ti is superseded... the costs will remarkably come down and they will still be making a profit...

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I saw the recent youtube clip of someone flying in Sydney.


Yes it is nice and very much better than FS9.


But what an insult to the SHB. (Coat hanger)

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On a more serious note:


I've been watching a lot of the videos.......


I am not seeing the ailerons moving when the planes turn.

Yes, one of them I did see the elevators moving, but only a little.


I have watched planes turn, roll and all that stuff. I can't see any aileron movement at all.


It is just me, or what?

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Gutsy man letting us all know you have a 5¼" floppy :rofl:


Anyone who has the Guts to fly the Simpson Desert in a home made airyplane at 1500 Ft behind a Rotax engine definitely has MY vote in the 'GUTSY' stakes. . .Irrespective of his Floppy . . . .


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That looks like the icon.. .I think I would rather just do the real thing looking at the potential cost of that ;-)



My son owns a games developmemt company so he has all sorts of tech goodies. As soon as I can visit again I wiil spend some time on this.

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