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Touring the Torres Straits islands?

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Hey Folks!


Something my wife and I have been dreaming of for years is an aerial tour across to the Torres Straits Islands. Our best mate has just moved across to Cairns and shes due a big birthday shortly, so we might have to go across for that. Seems a good opportunity for the Torres loop.


So who's island hopped the Torres Strait before? Is it possible in a private aircraft? Im guessing there's biosecurity procedures coming back onto the mainland, but are individual islands set up to receive independent tourist visitors? Im guessing permits required. Im also aware we'll need a certain amount of safety gear for flying across water (jackets and dinghy) but are there any other procedures?


More importantly, is it fun and worth doing? Or is it just too much hassle and horrendously expensive in your own aircraft?


Id appreciate any thoughts or feedback, but particularly from anybody who has first hand experience of flying out there. We live in the Top End, and have flown into places around Arnhem land and Tiwi islands, so are not coming at this with rose tinted specs! Ivé been ripped off at the bowser a few times, and slept under my wing to discourage curious hands exploring my bird overnight ;)





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I don't know what's available as a land based strip other than TI. You already know about top end weather. No chance of a float plane?, If you do the right thing I'd expect a few permissions might be the order of things. Farri (Franco Arri) is at Deeral, not far from Cairns. If you get a bit of a blow you'd want a good shed to put your bird in. Murphy Rebel is it? Done a bit in them. Nev

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RIP AE, what an adventurous guy!?

A friend we miss, whose name comes up regularly at the aero club. We also lost Gleeso, one of his co- conspirators, recently. Fortunately Terry the pluma is still with us.

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Wife and i have flown all over that area, several times. Absolutely love the straits. There is must doos , permissions from each island ( nearly all have good strips ) some have accomodations, all must be pre booked. Drop me a PM, i‘ll give you contact names/phs, etc. Best fuel point is Horn island as your base, they’re strict on HI viz on the ground. Excellent accom at horn and TI.

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