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What are your other interests?

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Our Keith Page https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2020-10-01/backyard-aquaponics-yields-abundance-of-fish-and-veggies/12691888  

Looks like some of you Guys get some pleasure from typing too! ??

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Doesn't look 36m high to me?????

Flightrite are you joining the grammar police now?? yes there should be a commer? after metre and 4WD ???

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I feel so inadequate when I see what you guys do. The only part of me that gets any exercise is the index finger on the right hand. It clicks the mouse button on the computer, and the shutter on the camera. I do use a lawnmower and whipper snipper, and occasionally pruning shears, but that's about the limit.

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Well I can't compete with Thruster, that machine is something Heath Robinson would be proud to call his own!


But my interests are woodworking (and particularly woodturning) and photography. Plus a bit of gardening when her indoors needs a bit of help with the chainsaw!

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I feel so inadequate when I see what you guys do.

Inadequate is in the eye of the beholder Red .


If you saw me on the end of a camera your photography would put me to shame LOL.


We all have our own special talents, I'm still trying to find mine !

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I like fast cars and bikes, but not speedway. I know a few speedway and ex-speedway people, most have either moved on or are going to move on.

One of the reasons I like flying is that I can go everywhere at near 200kph without plod having a hissy fit, and they really do have hissy fits. I have met a couple of women that also ride, but I wouldn't call them "fast".

I have been up In several aircraft. A Piper tomahawk PA 28..A Katana Diamond.. Not so fond of it. I felt as if I was sitting on top of the plane.. This was at Cumbernauld airfield. Me getting over my fear of flying.. Lol. The lady was my pilot..


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My other interests wax and wane but anything military, old or new.

Played some Battlefield in the day......level 100 Colonel. ... it's never been better than BF 3.......1 and 5 not real good.. ...4 was ok.

I'm also currently obsessed with UK "Narrowboating" thanks to a video in my youtube "recommended " list.....

I hope to get over there and give it a go for a few months in a hire boat sometime.

Expensive in summer though....


I'm not personally into Narrow boating, but only due to an utter lack of interest from my spouse, who prefers lounging on beaches in Turkey, Greece, or Portugal. . ( and Pre 1983 ), In various parts of Australia. I have spent time with other boat owners though, who have taught me some of the basics.


If the thought of travelling the cut at Four Knots, ( Max UK Speed ) and having to stop at hundreds of canalside pubs to sample their wares, appeals to you. . .. Then you may well enjoy this pastime, whether renting, . . .or buying a boat and living on it. . .

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