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Engineering info heaven...well for me anyway

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I just stumbled across this video on youtube. I found it fascinating. This Youtuber has a fantastic channel and I cant believe I havent seen it before. he has 8.5 million subscribers


This video is a factory tour with the CEO of ULA a company that build the Atlas and Delta rockets. This is basically a video of engineering design and how they make it ...I found it incredibly interesting. It goes for a while but if you are into any engineering or machining and other techie stuff you...like me should find it very enjoyable



Here is the second channel video which is excellent as well


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Old tech, non landable boosters although they are hoping to retrieve the first stage engines by catching the parachute with a helicopter. Tax eaters. SpaceX is eating their lunch.

For a glimpse of the real space age and real spaceships check out what is happening at SpaceX, Boca Chica, Texas.


It is like watching Chris Columbus's fleet being built. There is a nearby and large online fan club. See www.nasaspaceflight.com (nothing to do with NASA actually)

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I agree its old tech and its been done like that for years. I love watching the spacex stuff but I havent found any videos on the actual building of their rockets or the systems they have worked on like the grids for control back for the landing sections. The Spacex tech is incredible and I just love watching those boosters landing back..the work in getting things to do that I dont think most realise just how complex a task that is.

My comment on this thread was the actual machining they were doing and the jointing of the plates. ULA specialise in deep space stuff where at the moment Spacex havent got anything actually going yet for that but no doubt they will.

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Here you go: SpaceX Starship : Texas Prototype(s) Thread 3 : Photos and Updates this is thread 3, they are up to 11 in all plus other threads dealing with design, operation etc


More detail than you could want to know. If you go the forums you'll find the SpaceX forum on Starship:




Lots of actual or retired rocket engineers comment on the site. Some of the local residents at Boca Chica have live cams on the goings on there at the "rocket shipyard" as Mary (Boca Chica Gal) has called it. It's wonderful.

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Thanks for those links..they are really great. That Boca Chica Gal must live across the road and have several very good cameras running 24/7...good video quality. I hadnt seen any of that content. They are really going to town on the projects. Thanks for these links I am really enjoying reading the forums and watching the videos. They are in my favourites now

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