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The Unforgiving (née Impossible) Turn.

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In my training in  a Jab 170C, just after take off the instructor closed the throttle.

I wasn't expecting it so close to the ground to be honest, but I lowered the nose, went into a tight turn, instructor says tighter still, then rudder only to straighten, and we were over the threshhold safely.

When I asked how high we were, "about 250 feet" was the response.


However, he did  warn against practising that on my own.
I have heard of Jabs being turned around much lower.

But from much more experienced pilots, "....it depends on the aircraft, would never attempt anything like that in a Cessna 172..."


I am a new pilot, make no claim to being a good pilot, but from all I have read, managing speed and using rudder are vital in avoiding stalls and spins.
Read an article from the U.S. recently, (there may well have been a link to it from this forum), that the first thing to do is push the nose down, then start working out what has happened, maintaing speed is of the essence.





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