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Engine cowl of Cessna 140 comes open after takeoff.

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Not surprising to me.  I had the experience of the RH side engine cowl unlocking and flapping up alarmingly not more than 15 mins into the ferry flight of my Cessna 170A, (VH-OSZ), after leaving Moorabbin, (1992).  Pulled power instantly, reduced IAS to 55-60, landed on Laverton. All happened quickly as we were only about 1500'.  Met by concerned RAAF security, but they turned out 'friendly'.  The old centre line hinges held it on very well, and there was no discernable damage.  Could have been some serious effects on flyability had the whole cowl taken off!


Luckily for me, my pax was not only a student pilot but was also a LAME - most fortunate!  The repair was rather crude though -  bought a drill at shopping centre, drilled several carefully located holes, and installed several self tappers. Away we went within 2 hrs, and safely pushed the old machine back to WA. No further dramas with the cowls, although the owner after me did instal very classy latches with locking pins.  The old 40's Cessna cowl locks were quite unsafe, and my advice has since been to convert them to proper locking pin type mods. (C120, C140, and C170 owners take note).


happy days, 

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The first thing is to not panic or let yourself be distracted from flying the plane safely. Slow up still maintaining an adequate  stall buffer. It's likely a small amount of appropriate skid will keep the cowl laid down. and controlled even, as it appeared to do in the clip. If it  comes off what it might hit (the fin) could be serious. On some planes there 's a high drag element with some partly dislodged (or damaged) cowls the DC-6 is a case in point and a friend had a Cessna "Golden Eagle" have a massive engine blow messing up the lower cowl of one engine requiring  a sink rate of more than 500 fpm to keep it in the air on the remaining engine.. Proper planning of the approach and descent was essential. Nev

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