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Having heard many stories especially night carrier deck landings from our US navy exchange pilots back in my RAAF days I can say that last comment is 💯% correct, the most difficult & frightening event an aviator could experience & never enjoy, respect.

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I spent too much of my impressionable youth reading stories of carrier pilots. 

What sticks in my mind is a bloke’s description of landing on a heaving carrier deck (difficult enough in daylight).


He said it was like simultaneously having a car crash and an orgasm.

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Essentials for Ag Flying.  Have also seen these used  in PNG flying presentations.  Only one missing is of a wide ýellow'streak on a pilots dorsal fuselage!


Unstoppable' P&W turbines, multiple engines, and GPS are only useful in getting you safely to the scene of the accident!


Powerlines continue to breed,  mountains remain the same height,  valleys have not become wider, and weather continues to be a major hazard in all aviation.


With all that, have a safe 2021.

PNG pilot requisites. Commercial (LHS), Mission (RHS).jpg


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