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Had a family friend die today and another one in hospital that won't see New Year.


Make the most of tomorrow with your family and treasure the small things in life.


May next year be positive and we all get back to normal ( whatever that is )


Merry Christmas to everyone  and thanks to Ian and family for all the work he puts into this this wonderful forum.



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10 hours ago, Yenn said:

The same from me. I like the photo but can't see the sleigh that it is towing.

Don't worry mate, it's coming, I heard it on TV so it's gotta be true.

:yikes:I'll get on the radio and tell him to pull back a bit on those throttles.

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Gee Marty, you were up early! 

I recon you couldn't wait to see if you had a new air speed indicator, slip/turn indicator or other goodies left in your stocking.:plane:

Anyway, hoping you have a great day mate, and the same to everyone else on here.

Rgds planey.




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And merry Christmas from me. We thought my wife might be in hospital (story in "Shadow over Christmas" on Social Australia), but she is at home today Goes into hospital in New Years Eve.

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44 minutes ago, Ryanm said:

I hope you’re able to spend some time with family and friends and not in complete isolation. 

You haven't met my family. I'm opting for isolation.

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