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Anyone want to try this type of landing

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They have prangs. Lots of them.   They're sportsmen. And they never stop learning. Sure, they're crazy; just like anyone who goes up in one of those ultralight thingies.

Used to watch the Porter in action in Vietnam, their slow-flying ability was highly impressive to see. They used them to drop SAS troops into strips that were basically just small open patches in the

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The trick is that the camera on a stick is a 360 degree type. So actually it is recording its movie files in all directions at all times.  So in post-production when you render a movie in normal 16X9 HD format you need to choose which angle to use at any one time.  And/or you can 'pan' or 'tilt' the view at any time during editing as you choose.  There is no need to alter the shot at all in real time.

(The stick itself is 'removed' from the frame automatically in software. A kind of photoshop type pixel replacement.)

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The 500m strip was really big enough for the Jabiru. Before landing on it, I measured the performance at Gawler and found that the Jabiru could clear a 50 ft obstacle in 350m.

The trouble was really me. I had mainly flown from Gawler with an old WW2 bomber strip and cross-strip, and I was spoiled.

The other problem was that the strip at the farm came in over the shearing shed. One day I thought the Jabiru wheels were missing the shearing shed by 2m and my daughter took a photo which showed that I was more like 40m higher. Even so, the Jabiru stopped well short of the upwind fence.

The next thing was that the son got himself a Lancair. I told him he could fly the family Jab for nothing, but he said it was too little and too slow...So we built a hangar at the town strip and it just happened to be big enough for the Jabiru too.

You can see the farm strip on google earth and the Edenhope town strip too.

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This vid has a 360 cam belly mounted (which you can FF scrub-through to see).

It even seems to offer a kind of gimbal effect, which works well. For example at 12:54.



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