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Proposed lowering of Class E airspace.

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Airservices is proposing to lower Class E space to 1500 feet from the current 8500 foot segments from Cairns to Melbourne. This has many implementations for all off us recreational pilots and aircraft owners. Please follow this link to read about the proposal and get your comments into airservices as soon as possible.


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I'm surprised there's not a raging debate going on here?

I guess that since ultralights all died off, we;re all happily flying around in our $200K sport planes, with dual coms, dual nav, ADSB transponders , FLARM (for good measure) and Avmaps/Ozrunways flight following.

Who needs to bother looking outside anymore...?


*Please refer to this thread;*


Oops, removes foot from mouth and moves on...

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47 minutes ago, Kyle Communications said:

The other thread is where most chat is on


Which is weird because that thread is General Aviation, while the discussion is obviously a Governing Bodies topic?

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The other thread started earlier and some of us also fly GA. Not all GA planes have transponders. Helicopters may have transponders, but they seem to be the only ones who want to fly around in the lower levels.

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