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Passenger and freight Drones in Aussie airspace, what when and where?

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In a thread about proposed major airspace reform in Australia we have wondered if Drones are a motivation driving this proposal. Reports there is currently drone testing in Brisbane so I am curious to know what others know or have heard about this or other developments in this rapidly evolving airspace invasion. Found this picture online, has Uber printed on the side suggesting that company is spending some bucks. There must be some seriously smart technology and money going into drones. Wonder what is on the way!

Image result for future passenger drones



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I like the big speed brakes.  Just open the back doors.


(Closing them again may be an issue.)

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Uber has effectively bailed out of the air taxi business, hasn't it? I think they realised it's going to take 30 years to settle the problems associated with the sky looking like your average freeway at peak hour.


They sell off their air taxi division to their partner Joby, but claim they now have a substantial partnership in it. But it was a partnership before, wasn't it?

Obviously, it's now less of a partnership - I guess it's more like leaving your partner holding the baby now, while you go to the pub.


I don't know how you work out that corporate double-speak. Some of these corporate execs must be lining up for political life.


There's a statement that they will invest a further $75M into the partnership to assist in development of air taxis. I think they're in cloud cuckoo land if they think that additional $75M will return any value to them.



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