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@skippydiesel - are you not secretly a law lecturer and hoping to tease out legal knowledge? Although the subject of the question involves an aircraft, your question is actually of general legal princ

I'm pretty sure the responsibility is 100% on the car driver to make sure they have the appropriate license for what they are driving. But I don't see any claim like that in the ad anyway.  

Skippy that adv. is not by it's self wrong because it is a statement of fact and is therefore not misleading .

2 hours ago, Jerry_Atrick said:



On rules around RAA, from reading this forum, it seems a little too restrictive in Aus... and when I finally get back, I may be tempted to stay with GA.



Maaaaaaaat! - RAA is cool man. RAA has just the nicest handling aircraft and the best econamy too boot. Want the best of GA/RAA - maintain your GA fly RAA 

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2 hours ago, pmccarthy said:

What is true of flying in England is equally true, mutatis mutandis, of flying in Australia. (Had to get some legal Latin mumbo jumbo in here)

Vae tibi, domino Latine!


(Hated Latin at school!)

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