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Cockpit built from LEGO! (which could use your help)

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Hi fellow aviation enthusiasts!


What is it?

I went and built a cockpit made of LEGO modelled off the Boeing 747. I am in the process of updating the interior colors and instrument panels to reflect the 400 model, so please don't yell at me lol. It took a month to do this so a lot of love went into it.


How can enthusiasts help?

I submitted it to the Lego Ideas program where it could be made into an actual Lego set if it reaches 10,000 votes. As I'm writing this, it has 1,330 votes 🙂 So still a few votes to go.

If you like it, want it, think your kids would love it, and anyone who loves aviation, then could you please help out and vote for it.

To vote: it's free, will need to log in via FB (easiest method) and click the support button - takes about 1 minute


This is the link: bit.ly/747Cockpit


Hope you like it and really appreciate your support. Feel free to share as well.









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21 minutes ago, Marty_d said:

Can't wait til you get the rest of the aircraft built too!! 😁

Oh don't tempt me 😛

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Just don't leave it on the floor in the middle of the lounge room. It would be a case of Air Crash Investigations meets the B.F.G.

Image result for bfg

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Thanks everyone who has supported so far - it is really appreciated!


I couldn't figure out how to update my original post, however I have updated this to reflect the 747 - 400 variant with both internal colors and instrument panels. If anyone can tell me how to edit the original post would be awesome.



Cockpit Brown 1.png

Cockpit Brown 2.png

Cockpit Brown 3.png

Cockpit Brown 7.png

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13 minutes ago, Marty_d said:

Is that a double cup holder on each side?

Yes. Oh is it wrong? I know some don't, thought some do


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Dazz, it's not possible to edit your original post after about 15 minutes. This is to ensure continuity and sense in threads.


If a post remains editable for all time, then editing an original post, then leads to a disjointed thread, as following posts lose their relevance and sense - particularly if a following post is addressing a point you made in an original post.


So the idea is to ensure you put all you want to put into a post, proof read it, post it - quickly check for anything you might want to change - quickly edit it - then after a few minutes, that is your post, set in stone for all time.


The only way you can get a post changed much later, is to request the administrator to change it. But there needs to be a compelling reason to change it.


Sometimes admin will delete sections of posts that are deemed unacceptable - as in abusive posts, posts that contains personal vitriolic attacks, or defamatory statements about a person.

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