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Lady pilots with own aircraft

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Hi all,

id like to know if there are many ladies who fly who would like to do a few flyaways together. Preferably who live in NE Vic or border regions. I’m not looking for someone who wants to be a passenger, more some ladies who owns or can hire their own aircraft. A buddy to fly away with.😀

My husband isn’t fussed about doing any overnight trips, or even longer day trips too often, but I’d really like to.  I would prefer not to just do trips with men only. 
just thought I’d put it out there!

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There is a lovely lady in Ballarat called Louise in her Jabi  contact the museum, they all know her.   


She is a bit of an adventurer and gets around (not in that way)  Skilled pilot, as well as a lovely lady !

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Thelma and Louise had some fun times!
@FlyBoy1960 thanks, I will contact her. She must be a lovely person, she flies a Jab😆

@spacesailor yes there are lots of options. I’m just getting a bit bored flying around same local area. Any time spent flying is a bonus, but I hear of people visiting all these wonderful places and I want to be able to tell my own stories.

There are plenty of men who do little trips, and would be quite happy to have me tag along, but it’s always nice to have another female in the group too.

Also, I have many friends who would love being a passenger, but there’s not much room or weight available with full fuel.

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 " but not much room with full tanks ",

A good enough reason for shorter hops, with a change of companion on different legs ,.

Someone has done this without the worry of being called sexist. ( doesn't,t worry me ).

Using both sex,es will provide a greater number of participants  ( l think ).




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