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Yaesu FTA 550 transceiver not receiving?

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I suspect an obvious fix. Today my wife took our brand new Yaesu 550 to the airstrip with me to test it. When I was taxing our aircraft I could hear her perfectly, but she said she could only hear crackling interference and loud static , not me.


She’s not a total idiot with tech  (a licensed pilot herself) but just couldn’t get it to receive. Given the frequency was correct (I could hear her transmit clearly), I’m wondering if she pushed Squelch by accident or something. Only other thing I can think of is  trying ANL ( ambient  noise reduction).


Anything  obvious We’re missing here? Anyway of testing the VHF receiver here on the ground  without running my aircraft radio?








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You should be able to hear traffic on 118.15 or 129.85 in your area from over flying aircraft. It is possible your aircraft radio has a problem, check it with engine off. We once had a "failure" with the club brumby when the pilots headset got plugged into the copilot Jack.

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Alan, probably you have a dead radio on TX. 

the fact that she is hearing noise and rubbish probably means her radio is not deaf as a post and likely on the right frequency that it says.


1) take the antenna OFF the portable. DO NOT transmit on the portable in this no-antenna state.

2) get about 10 meters of separation between you and the other radio in your plane. 

3) Transmit on your aircraft radio , looking for thumbs up from her. OK, so far, 

4) Go out to 100meters, repeat test.  she shoudl still hear you at 100m no antenna

5) Does your ammeter go up / voltage go down when you transmit in your plane? etc.


too close and radios with antennas connected can end up with no modulation, because the super strong signal forces the receiver into compression, like fully compressing a spring to the bump stop. so the no antenna on the recv radio can fix that for close tests. glen.




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