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Why Engines Quit • Bertorelli / AVweb video.

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Interesting video. So Lycons have an engine failure rate of about 1 per 1000 engines per year of which about 20% are big bang broken metal failures or 1 per 5000 engines per year. USA data but it seems inline with oz. I would say that is very acceptable. As pilots we can avoid the other 80%.

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Engine failures based on 13 accidents. I had to rewind video to confirm that tiny number. Not really useful data. May as well just call it 1/3rd each and relax about it.  Check fuel quality, quantity and supply and pay attention to carb heat. Interesting he mentions unconnected carb heat cables, you’d expect to pick that up in the run up check. Well, unless it’s a rotax and it’s a bugger all change. 

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