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Seeing posts of a Space Walker fitted with a radial down near Bundaberg

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1 hour ago, facthunter said:

Doesn't have a cowl. 

The plane is on Rotecs website. Maybe not the best advertising now. It has a cowl but it looks like he can can also fly without it. 

ef523b_b40a8ea790994a8da12f5ee52b5839f2_mv2_d_2048_1365_s_2.webp ef523b_f3ad7b4d71e94f8ca4623b2bfedded4a_mv2.webp

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There are photos of it flying with and without the cowl on the Rotec website. The wing is all timber construction with ply/glass D-box & fabric to the rear of the main spar. Beautifully constructed. The wings attach to the root section 1 panel out from the fuselage so it is the centre cantilevered spars that broke off.

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