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Amazing supercell cloud photo from Texas

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A microburst just before it did.




Hurricane Katrina






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This is not Hurricane Katrina (the top image).


These photographs (with the exception of the last photograph) were taken about 8 years before Hurricane Katrina.


The original photograph (number one) was taken around 1995, and the others not much afterwards.


I have not seen the last image that I can remember

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I tried for years to get a good lightning strike shot, particularly in the Goldfields and other remote areas of W.A. - but generally with little success.

Then one time in the early 1970's, I got a fantastic single lightning strike at night, shot with my old SLR Canon, in the Southern Goldfields of W.A.

It was a massive strike that ran from top right of the frame towards the bottom left, and it illuminated a large Salmon Gum that was adjacent to my buildings on my mining lease.

I was really proud of it - but only had the one original copy on a 35mm slide. Then, in 1982, my house in the W.A. wheatbelt suffered an overvoltage event that set fire to it, and in which fire, I lost vast amounts of my personal possessions.

And amongst those lost possessions was hundreds and hundreds of photos - along with that superb lightning strike shot! :crying:

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Another photo, this time a storm approaching Moscow.



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