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On the hunt for that special aircraft - must conform to as many of the following wants (list not prioritised) as possible:


  • Privately owned 
  • Private sale (ie not through a broker)
  • Well used airframe/engine Log Books (not interested in the flight log per say) with comprehensive service record
  • If kit  - Good Build Log 
  • Where applicable - Detailed accident/incident record and repair
  • All AD's, Mandatory Modifications up to date & documented as such 
  • Rotax 912 ULS motivated (my apologies to Jab supporters)
  • Would like to have a 120 knot econamy cruise (or better) Econamy in this context, is about 16 L/hr .
  • It would be great to have a low stall, say 35 knots or better
  • My preference would be for a composite airframe ,however all considered
  • 80-120L fuel capacity (range)
  • 300kg empty weight,  give or take
  • 450 - 600kg TO weight - higher again would be a small advantage for when RAA gets the increase
  • 1000 Hobb hrs or less - will consider new engine in well maintained airframe
  • Will not pay extra for a fancy panel - I am a day VFR pilot


It does not have to be immaculate, just well cared for (loved).

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Skippy, you don't state a budget level, which will help. Here's a local (W.A.) aircraft that may fit your requirements, although it may be priced outside your budget level.

It's currently VH registered but it appears it would be no problem to revert it to RA registration.




Here's a flight report on the aircraft. It appears the stall speed is 34 kts in the landing configuration.



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Thanks for that 1T - looks very nice - could just about stretch to the asking price however seems a bit high for a 1/2 life engine (probably the fancy panel) and a tad outside the performance  criteria- will make contact and see where it leads.

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39 minutes ago, pmccarthy said:

Empty weight is a bit high in the Piper Sport.



I am inclined towards the impression that it is mostly good looks, with modest performance.

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