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Planning a trip to Airlie Beach - looking for a temporary hangar


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Hi All,


Looking for some help. I'm planning a trip to Airlie Beach (departing Brisbane) in late September and seeking some temporary hangarage for my Gyrocopter (approx 3 weeks) somewhere that's near to Airlie Beach.

Shute Harbour, Prosperpine and Bowen Airfields come to mind and I would be so grateful if someone could help me out with a small corner of a hangar. I'm obviously happy to pay a reward in return :)


Thanks in advance!




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1 hour ago, spacesailor said:

Two blade Gyro , would fit in a shed !.

Try giving your size,


Hi Spacesailor, thanks & good question - yes it would definitely go down the wall of a shed (picture attached with dimensions).


Gyro Dimensions.JPG

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22 minutes ago, ianwells said:

Hi Ozzie, we have an airfield just south of Prosepine and could easily fit the Gyro in one of the hangars, also basic accommodation if needed. 

Cheers Ian

Hi Ian, Thanks very much for your reply! i've just sent you a PM.




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